IZI Safety is a web platform designed to manage HSE competencies on the field.

A set of operations oriented features developped by and for the industry

Competency training matrix

You can create training profiles (blended learning) that you assign to users


You have at your disposal a user friendly and powerful platform

In-Class training management

You can manage and follow on-the-job and in-class training

Certificates management

All the accreditations and certificates of your personnel are managed by the platform

Acces control per competency

You can interface the plateform with your access control system 


The personnel can, from the field, report anomalies (through a dedicated smarpthone App)


You can check the personnel's competencies anywhere and anytime on the field (through a dedicated smarphone App)

Compliance of contractors

The contracted companies and their personnel can be efficiently managed using the solution

And many other things :

Tailored made reporting, equipment compliance, medical file, prevention plan, RFID badges interface and QR code, training terminals, mail&SMS notifications, contracted companies prequalification…

To discover the advantages

Watch the video

Discover the power of the solution in less than 5 minutes !

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Proven effectiveness 
for major industrial groups

The solution is recognized by on-the-field personnel

your HSE digital score

In 10 questions see where you are and get a free report with all your suggestions for improvement.

Regarding your budget
you can expect an impactful ROI !

Greater efficiency,
less HSE ressources,
more skills on the field,

and more savings !

Thanks to the digitization of your personnel's skills management, your savings largely cover the platform costs…we have the tools to estimate your savings.

Here are some average ratios observed once the solution is deployed on our clients facilities...

Savings on the HSE training budget


Reduction of demobilisation time due to training


Reduction of hidden times necessary to check


Time savings for your HSE team



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